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Q. How to add a search link to search tabs?

A. Here are instructions to add priceGrabber.com to your toolbar tabs.
1. Open the http://pricegrabber.com/
2. On toolbar select the category tab you want the link to be added to.
3. On toolbar click on + icon or on menu icon at the right side of the search box and select Add new search link option. Or right click on the link tabs and select Add new search link option. The add links box will open on toolbar.
4. The add links box will be pre filled with the current website address and name. The search url box needs to be filled for searching function to work for this website. The toolbar can capture the search url when you do search on the page. If  search ulr left empty the site will be searched by the Google search this site function.
5. To capture the search url of the site press the capture button and perform a search for string _key1 on the page.
After you type in _key1 in the page's search box and press page's search button the toolbar will capture search url and fill it in the search url box.
6. Press Add button to save your new search link. The new priceGrabber tab will appeare in the selected category.

Also follow instructions on the bottom of the Add links box.
Here is the search link you should capture for pricegrabber site. http://www.pricegrabber.com/search.php?form_keyword=_key1&topcat_id=&Search=Search
You can also directly copy the url into the search url box without capturing.
Q. I usully have multiple websites opened at the same time. When I add links from different places only the last added links are saved, the previous once are lost.
A. Adding links function is not designed to add links from multiple browser instances at the same time. Every time you add a link the browser overwrites the entire original xml file. So if you’ve added a link from another browser instance while current browser was open, those changes will be lost.
The same is true if you would open the same text file with different notepads and modify it at the same time. The last saved notepad will overwrite previous changes by others.
If you want to work with multiple browser instances the best strategy will be to add links only in the last opened browser since it will have all added links.