<small>A fast, powerful and compact directory of popular search engines and websites with direct search</small>

Abbreviations and new terms
    Mdl - Middle mouse button or mouse wheel button
    Right - Right mouse button
    Left - Left mouse button
    Right scratch on a link - Press right mouse button on a link, move outside of the link area but inside of the page and release the  button.
    Left scratch on a link - same as Right scratch with left button.

Features Shortcuts Usage and Benefits

Browsing in double panel or catalog mode.

Links from 1st window are opened in a 2nd window tiled vertically next to the 1st.

 Shortcut notes. If your mouse doesn't have a middle or wheel button or if you're using a laptop use alternative methods with mouse right or left buttons provided for each shortcut.
 Mdl click on a link or
 Left link scratch
 Opens the link in the secondary browser
 Shift+Mdl click on a link or Shift+Left link scratch  Opens the link  in a new secondary browser
 Right link scratch  Opens the link a new browser
 Ctrl+any above combination Keeps focus on the first page
 Right+Mdl click on an a page  Change focus to the main page if exist or simulate browser back button
 Left+Right click on an a page  Closes the current page an changes the focus to the main page
 Ctrl+Left+Right click  Closes all browsers
 Left+Mdl+Right click Minimizes all windows

 Example. Open a page with link or image list. Mdl click on any link to open it in the secondary window. The secondary window can be configured to be tiled vertically with the first window, so you can see both windows at the same time and click on another link. Otherwise you can Left+Right click on 2nd page to close it each time and instantly go back to the first page. You can now Mdl click on another link for browsing same way.

  1. Faster browsing by eliminating the 1st page refreshing  time and the clicking of the browser back button.
  2. You won't loose the 1st page anymore no matter how deep in links you surf.

Keyword sensitive search .

Mdl click, Alt+double click on a selected segment of a page can be configured to performe different searches.
Mdl click or Alt+double click on selected number Open search results or a calculator
Mdl click or Alt+double click on selected single word Open search results
Mdl click or Alt+double click on selected multiple words Open search results
Example. When browsing sites for real estate properties select the address of the property and click it with mouse Mdl button to instantly open the map of that location in a new window. Select the price and Mdl click to open a mortgage calculator for that price.

  When doing a research or browsing the news Mdl click on a selected word can open the answers.com page with definition, translation, spelling and bunch of other related information. If it's a url it will open information about that side and the traffic. For stock simbol you will get company information and stock charts. You can also do an instant internet search for selected word or products and so on.

  1. Instant and comprehensive information access with a single click.
  2. Instant return to your original site.

Instant Zoom of a single image, paragraph or a page

Righ+Mdl or Left+Mdl click on Image Image Zoom in or Zoom out.
Shift+move mouse over or out of Image Image Zoom in or Zoom out.
Shift+Wheel scroll or on paragraph Paragraph Zoom in or Zoom out
Alt+Wheel scroll or Right+Wheel scroll on page Page Zoom in or Zoom out
Esc+Wheel scroll Return to normal size
Example . When browsing a catalog or a shopping site do a Right+Mdl click on images to see more details.
When reading sites with small fonts, that won't let you change text size from menu, do Right+Wheel scroll to zoom the page.

  Shortcuts for Instant image or page zooms and for return to the normal size.

Reference pages and notes

Add selected segments from different pages to your own pages for future references by subject. Attach text notes to current web site or to the general notebook.

Alt+Right click on selected segment Opens a dialog box for choosing existing or new reference page to add selected segment.
Edit Page  option on toolbar menu Simple page editor for reference page
Ctrl+Right click on selected segment Adds text from selected segment to the general notes and opens it
Ctrl+Shift+Right click on selected segment Adds text from selected segment to the current site notes and opens it
Example . When you found a segments, a links or  items you want to quickly access latter, without going to all these sites, or if you want to bookmark a site with a segment from that site use reference pages.

  1. Instant creation of your own web pages with links, images and information you've selected. You can also send  your references pages to someone else for browsing.

Individual or group search in popular search engines and web sites

Searches done for selected words on a page or for words typed in the search box.
You can use categories for Google, Yahoo and Msn searches.
Shopping sites include Ebay, Amazon, Major retailers an internet stores, product comparing and reviewing sites and more. 

 All searches are done using Tollbar menu options. Example. Select or enter a product name and do All group search in Major Retail stores to compare prices. Or by company name search instantly it's better business bureau records. Find a person or company by name, address or phone. Find best sites related to current site in Google or Alexa.

  1. Easy and fast access to popular search sites.
  2. Group search saves a lot of time by searching multiple sites at once.
  3. Each search can be done in its own category and group.