<small>A fast, powerful and compact directory of popular search engines and websites with direct search</small>

New features

New features added to version 3.0

1. Create Tabbed seach directory for you website.


New features added to version 2.5


1. New search directory contains hundreds of new popular websites.




2. Group search. 
Searches all sites from one category and opens results in different tabs or in new browsers when shift key is pressed. For shortcut Right click on selected category.







3. A menu option is added to send a selected fragment from a web page to Word, Excel, Outlook or Notepad document.
Main menu also remembers last opened search directories.




4. Two new menu options are added for search links.
   Open in new window

   Open home link













5. New search menu options are added

for Search this site, similar pages, archive,

translate to English.












6. You can save your search directory xlm files on your website and other Absolutetoolbar users can load it on their toolbar from your site.

When a search directory link is clicked a popup window opens giving an option to load the directory to your toolbar.